Bike Pixel user manual and main features

The first prototype of Bike Pixel has been ready for some time. Its use is very simple and only it is necessary plug it into a power bank to get it up and running. Even so, it would not hurt to present a small user manual and its main features. The Rear model includes a USB port and three buttons as shown in the following image:

Functions of the buttons of the Bike Pixel Rear

After turning it on, the welcome mode will start with our name and logo in motion. Only in this mode is it possible to set the brightness for which it is necessary to use the buttons of increase or reduction of brightness. By default the maximum brightness is set so normally it will not be necessary to modify it. After that, you can make use of each of the available buttons:

  • Mode: if we press the mode button we will leave the welcome screen and we will be able to alternate between the different icons available. Today it is possible to choose between square, circle, heart, space invader, skull and Christmas tree. I recommend the heart because for some reason the cars keep a greater distance to overtake.
  • Color: in any of the modes except welcome, it is possible to change the base color of the icons. Of course red is available, which is the one that you should use on the road. Additionally, you can also change it to orange, yellow, green, white, blue, violet or pink.
  • Effect: in this case there are fewer options because for now we can switch between constant image, beat, fast blinking and off.

Here is a video demonstration of how it works so that you can see for yourselves all the features and how it looks. As you can note, the colors and brightness are slightly distorted due to camera quality.

Bike Pixel Rear main features presentation including modes, colors and effects.

Coming soon

And there’s not much else at the moment. I’m currently working on the next version. Among the next steps I want to do are to include an integrated LiPo battery, continue with the design of the box for 3D printing, start with the design of the front version and add some new functionalities. Of course as I add more options I will publish updates to the user manual and its main features.

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