Using Arduino Pro Mini on your projects

If in any of your projects you have limits in terms of space or power consumption one of the best solutions is to work with an Arduino Pro Mini board. The USB port and the programmer circuitry have been removed from the design. As a result, its dimensions are considerably reduced. That’s why for the new version of Bike Pixel I’m thinking of using one of these boards.

Image of an official Arduino Pro Mini board.
Oficial Arduino Pro Mini board (by sparkfun)

There are currently two versions of the Pro Mini plates. It is possible to find them in 3.3V with a processor at 8MHz and with 5V at 16MHz. In both cases, apart from reducing their size, they use less energy than their big brothers (especially in the case of the 3.3V version).


Bike Pixel user manual and main features

The first prototype of Bike Pixel has been ready for some time. Its use is very simple and only it is necessary plug it into a power bank to get it up and running. Even so, it would not hurt to present a small user manual and its main features. The Rear model includes a USB port and three buttons as shown in the following image:

Functions of the buttons of the Bike Pixel Rear